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Dallas College works to ensure that Dallas County is vibrant, growing and economically viable for future generations.


Our students benefit from our partnerships with local business leaders, school districts and four-year universities, and we have over 20 years of experience in online education. In addition, we provide economic benefits to business, taxpayers, and the community.

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Passport Block

The Passport Block listed here is for general information only.
Students must see the institution's website for access to its official block.

 The Dallas College Passport aligns with the Texas state requirement of a 42-semester credit hour core curriculum for all undergraduate students outlined in the Texas Education Code 61.821-822. The purpose of the core curriculum is to ensure that undergraduate students develop the essential knowledge and skills they need to be successful in college, in a career, in their communities, and in life. In addition, the core curriculum facilitates the transfer of lower-division course credit among public colleges, universities, and health-related institutions throughout the state.

Students should choose 1 course from this block. If a course from Option A is chosen, then students must also complete PHED 1164 in the Critical Thinking Block. If a course from Option B is chosen, no additional course is needed.

Option A
Courses in Option A
RequiredOnline Option Available Course Prefix Course Number Course Title
SGNL 1301 Beginning American Sign Language I
SGNL 1302 Beginning American Sign Language II
SPCH 1311 Introduction to Speech Communication
SPCH 1315 Public Speaking
SPCH 1321 Business and Professional Communication

Option B
Courses in Option B
RequiredOnline Option Available Course Prefix Course Number Course Title
ARAB 1411 Beginning Arabic I
ARAB 1412 Beginning Arabic II
CHIN 1411 Beginning Chinese I
CHIN 1412 Beginning Chinese II
FREN 1411 Beginning French I
FREN 1412 Beginning French II
GERM 1411 Beginning German I
GERM 1412 Beginning German II
ITAL 1411 Beginning Italian I
ITAL 1412 Beginning Italian II
JAPN 1411 Beginning Japanese I
JAPN 1412 Beginning Japanese II
KORE 1411 Beginning Korean I
KORE 1412 Beginning Korean II
PORT 1411 Beginning Portuguese I
PORT 1412 Beginning Portuguese II
RUSS 1411 Beginning Russian I
RUSS 1412 Beginning Russian II
SPAN 1411 Beginning Spanish I
SPAN 1412 Beginning Spanish II

Students must complete both courses to fulfill the Written Communication requirement.

List 1
Courses in List 1
RequiredOnline Option Available Course Prefix Course Number Course Title
ENGL 1301 Composition I
ENGL 1302 Composition II

Students must choose 1 course from the list that aligns with their intended career path.

Quantitative Literacy
Courses in Quantitative Literacy
RequiredOnline Option Available Course Prefix Course Number Course Title
MATH 1314 College Algebra
MATH 1316 Plane Trigonometry
MATH 1324 Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences
MATH 1325 Calculus for Business and Social Sciences
MATH 1332 Contemporary Mathematics (Quantitative Reasoning)
MATH 1342 Elementary Statistical Methods
MATH 1350 Mathematics for Teachers I (Fundamentals of Mathematics I)
MATH 1414 College Algebra
MATH 2412 Pre-Calculus Math
MATH 2413 Calculus I
MATH 2414 Calculus II

Students must select two courses from the Natural Sciences area. This requirement, however, cannot be met using the following combinations: BIOL 1406 and 1408; BIOL 1407 and 1409; BIOL 2420 and 2421; CHEM 1405 and 1411; CHEM 1406 and 1411; CHEM 1405 and 1406; CHEM 1406 and 1407; GEOL 1401 and 1403; PHYS 1401 and 1405; PHYS 1401 and 2425; PHYS 1405 and 2425.

Natural Sciences
Courses in Natural Sciences
RequiredOnline Option Available Course Prefix Course Number Course Title
ANTH 2401 Physical Anthropology
BIOL 1406 Biology for Science Majors I
BIOL 1407 Biology for Science Majors II
BIOL 1408 Biology for Non-Science Majors I
BIOL 1409 Biology for Non-Science Majors II
BIOL 1411 General Botany
BIOL 2401 Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOL 2402 Anatomy and Physiology II
BIOL 2406 Environmental Biology
BIOL 2416 Genetics
BIOL 2420 Microbiology for Non-Science Majors
BIOL 2421 Microbiology for Science Majors
CHEM 1405 Introductory Chemistry I
CHEM 1406 Introductory Chemistry I (Allied Health emphasis)
CHEM 1407 Introductory Chemistry II
CHEM 1411 General Chemistry I
CHEM 1412 General Chemistry II
CHEM 2423 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 2425 Organic Chemistry II
ENVR 1401 Environmental Science I
ENVR 1402 Environmental Science II
GEOL 1401 Earth Sciences for Non-Science Majors I
GEOL 1402 Earth Sciences for Non-Science Majors II
GEOL 1403 Physical Geology
GEOL 1404 Historical Geology
GEOL 1405 Environmental Science
GEOL 1445 Oceanography
GEOL 1447 Meteorology
PHYS 1401 College Physics I
PHYS 1402 College Physics II
PHYS 1403 Stars and Galaxies
PHYS 1404 Solar System
PHYS 1405 Elementary Physics I
PHYS 1407 Elementary Physics II
PHYS 1415 Physical Science I
PHYS 1417 Physical Science II
PHYS 2425 University Physics I
PHYS 2426 University Physics II

Students Must Complete HIST 1301. Students must then select one additional HIST course AND one additional course from HUMA, PHIL, or Foreign Language.

American History
Courses in American History
RequiredOnline Option Available Course Prefix Course Number Course Title
HIST 1301 United States History I
HIST 1302 United States History II
HIST 2301 Texas History

Language, Philosophy and Culture
Courses in Language, Philosophy and Culture
RequiredOnline Option Available Course Prefix Course Number Course Title
ARAB 2311 Intermediate Japanese I
ARAB 2312 Intermediate Japanese II
CHIN 2311 Intermediate Chinese I
CHIN 2312 Intermediate Chinese II
FREN 2311 Intermediate French I
FREN 2312 Intermediate French II
GERM 2311 Intermediate German I
GERM 2312 Intermediate German II
HUMA 1302 Introduction to Humanities II
HUMA 1305 Introduction to Mexican-American Studies
HUMA 2319 American Minority Studies
ITAL 2311 Intermediate Italian I
ITAL 2312 Intermediate Italian II
JAPN 2311 Intermediate Japanese I
JAPN 2312 Intermediate Japanese II
KORE 2311 Intermediate Korean I
KORE 2312 Intermediate Korean II
PHIL 1301 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 1304 Introduction to World Religions
PHIL 2306 Introduction to Ethics
PHIL 2307 Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL 2316 Classical Philosophy
PHIL 2321 Philosophy of Religion
PORT 2311 Intermediate Portuguese I
PORT 2312 Intermediate Portuguese II
RUSS 2311 Intermediate Russian I
RUSS 2312 Intermediate Russian II
SGNL 2301 Intermediate American Sign Language I
SGNL 2302 Intermediate American Sign Language II
SPAN 2311 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 2312 Intermediate Spanish II

If students choose to complete a SPCH or SGNL course in the "Oral Communication" requirement, students must complete PHED 1164. 

If students choose to complete a 4-semester credit hour foreign language course in the "Oral Communication" requirement, no additional courses are required. All courses outlined in the other 8 knowledge and skills areas also fulfill the Critical Thinking requirement. 

Critical Thinking
Courses in Critical Thinking
RequiredOnline Option Available Course Prefix Course Number Course Title
PHED 1164 Introduction to Physical Fitness and Wellness

Students must take 1 of the courses in this area.

Creative Expression
Courses in Creative Expression
RequiredOnline Option Available Course Prefix Course Number Course Title
ARTS 1301 Art Appreciation
ARTS 1303 Art History I
ARTS 1304 Art History II
DANC 2303 Dance Appreciation
DRAM 1310 Theater Appreciation
DRAM 2361 History of Theater I
DRAM 2366 Film Appreciation
HUMA 1311 Mexican-American Fine Arts Appreciation
HUMA 1315 Fine Arts Appreciation
MUSI 1306 Music Appreciation
MUSI 1307 Music Literature
MUSI 1310 American Music

All courses outlined in the Natural Sciences, Creative Expression, and the SPCH Courses from the Oral Communication knowledge and skill area will fulfill the Teamwork and Value Systems requirement.

Teamwork and Value Systems
Courses in Teamwork and Value Systems
RequiredOnline Option Available Course Prefix Course Number Course Title

 Students must complete both courses in the Government/Political Science list and one from the Social and Behavioral Sciences list.

Government/Political Science
Courses in Government/Political Science
RequiredOnline Option Available Course Prefix Course Number Course Title
GOVT 2305 Federal Government
GOVT 2306 Texas Government

Social and Behavioral Sciences
Courses in Social and Behavioral Sciences
RequiredOnline Option Available Course Prefix Course Number Course Title
ANTH 2302 Introduction to Archeology
ANTH 2346 General Anthropology
ANTH 2351 Cultural Anthropology
BIOL 1322 Nutrition and Diet Therapy
COMM 1307 Introduction to Mass Communication
CRIJ 1301 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRIJ 1307 Crime in America
ECON 1301 Introduction to Economics
ECON 2301 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 2302 Principles of Microeconomics
GEOG 1302 Human Geography
GEOG 1303 World Regional Geography
GOVT 2304 Introduction to Political Science
GOVT 2311 Mexican-American and Latinx Politics
HIST 2321 World Civilizations I
HIST 2322 World Civilizations II
HIST 2327 Mexican-American History I
PHED 1304 Personal/Community Health
PSYC 2301 General Psychology
PSYC 2306 Human Sexuality
PSYC 2314 Lifespan Growth & Development
PSYC 2316 Psychology of Personality
SOCI 1301 Introduction to Sociology
SOCI 1306 Social Problems
SOCI 2301 Marriage and the Family
SOCI 2306 Human Sexuality
SOCI 2319 Minority Studies
TECA 1303 Families, Schools and Community
TECA 1354 Child Growth and Development

Program Highlights

Dallas College offers a variety of programs that prepare you for university transfer or fast track you into a rewarding career.

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Institutional Liaison: Catherine Olivarez
Contact for Students: Student Success Coach

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