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Founded in 1933, North Idaho College is a comprehensive community college located on the beautiful shores of Lake Coeur d’Alene. NIC offers degrees and certificates in a wide spectrum of academic transfer, career and technical education, and general education programs. NIC's vibrant college community includes 5,000+ students enrolled in credit courses and more than 4,400 students taking non-credit courses. College faculty and staff relentlessly focus on providing a rich, rewarding higher education experience for every student.

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Passport Block

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The North Idaho College Passport aligns with the approved Idaho Statewide General Education policy III.N. on General Education requirements (GEM) at all public higher education institutions in Idaho. Faculty at North Idaho College aligned the Passport Learning Outcomes (PLOs) to the statewide General Education Matriculation (GEM) competencies. Students earning a Passport at NIC will also earn their General Education Academic Certificate; however, the Passport is more restrictive, so students earning a General Education certificate will not necessarily earn a Passport.

Complete this course:

Oral Communication
Courses in Oral Communication
RequiredOnline Option Available Course Prefix Course Number Course Title
COMM 101 Fundamentals of Oral Communication

Complete these two courses:

Written Communication
Courses in Written Communication
RequiredOnline Option Available Course Prefix Course Number Course Title
ENGL 101 Writing and Rhetoric I
ENGL 102 Writing and Rhetoric II

Complete one of the following:

Quantitative Literacy
Courses in Quantitative Literacy
RequiredOnline Option Available Course Prefix Course Number Course Title
MATH 123 Math in Modern Society
MATH 130 Finite Mathematics
MATH 143 College Algebra
MATH 147 College Algebra & Trigonometry
MATH 160 Survey of Calculus
MATH 170 Calculus I
MATH 253 Principles of Applied Statistics

Complete one course from the Life Science Group and one course from the Physical Science group.

Life Sciences
Courses in Life Sciences
RequiredOnline Option Available Course Prefix Course Number Course Title
BTNY 203 General Botany
ZOOL 202 General Zoology

Physical Sciences
Courses in Physical Sciences
RequiredOnline Option Available Course Prefix Course Number Course Title
CHEM 100 Concepts of Chemistry
CHEM 101 Intro to Chemistry
CHEM 105 General, Organic, and Biochemistry
CHEM 111 General Chemsitry I
CHEM 112 Principles of Gen. College Chemistry II
ENSI 119 Introduction to Environmental Science
PHYS 101 Fundamentals of Physical Science
PHYS 111 General Physics I
PHYS 211 Engineering Physics I

This outcome does not requires additional courses. Human Cultures learning outcomes were mapped to all courses in "Creative Expression" and "Human Society and the Individual." By completing 4 courses in these other areas, students will meet the Human Cultures PLO.

This outcome is found throughout the curriculum but is synthesized in the below course. Complete this course.

Critical Thinking
Courses in Critical Thinking
RequiredOnline Option Available Course Prefix Course Number Course Title
INTR 250 Integrative Inquiry

Complete 2 courses from 2 different disciplines. Completion of one or more Modern Language course from the list below counts as only one discipline.

Creative Expression
Courses in Creative Expression
RequiredOnline Option Available Course Prefix Course Number Course Title
AIST 285 American Indian Literature
ART 100 Introduction to Art
ART 101 Art History from Caves to Cathedrals
ART 102 Art History from Da Vinci to Digital
ASL 101 Elementary American Sign Language I
ASL 102 Elementary American Sign Language II
CINA 126 Film and International Culture
COMM 220 Intro to Intercultural Communication
ENGL 175 Introduction to Literature
ENGL 216 Mythology
ENGL 257 Literatue of Western Civilization
ENGL 258 Literature of Western Civilization
ENGL 267 Survey of English Literature
ENGL 268 Survey of English Literature
ENGL 271 Introduction to Shakespeare
ENGL 277 Survey of American Literature
ENGL 278 Survey of American Literature
ENGL 285 American Indian Literature
FLAN 207 Foreign Language Culture
FREN 101 Elementary French I
FREN 102 Elementary French II
GERM 101 Elementary German I
GERM 102 Elementary German II
HUMS 101 Montage: Intro to the Humanities
HUMS 126 Film and International Culture
HUMS 200 Interdisciplinary Seminar
INTR 200 Interdisciplinary Seminar
ITAL 101 Elementary Italian I
ITAL 102 Elementary Italian II
MUSI 101 Introduction to Music
MUSI 127 Suvey of American Popular Music
PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 103 Ethics
PHIL 111 World Religions
PHIL 201 Logic and Critical Thinking
PHIL 205 Political and Social Philosophy
PHIL 220 Asian Philosophy
POLS 208 Political and Social Philosophy
SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish II
THEA 101 Introduction to Theatre

Complete one course.

Teamwork and Value Systems
Courses in Teamwork and Value Systems
RequiredOnline Option Available Course Prefix Course Number Course Title
CHD 110 Child Health, Safety & Nutrition
CLC 101 Designing Your NIC Experience
CLC 102 Designing Your Life and Career
DANC 112 Social/Swing Dance
DANC 120 Latin Social Dance
MUSP 102 Cardinal Voices
MUSP 103 Cardinal Chorale
MUSP 104 Vocal Jazz Ensemble
MUSP 106 North Idaho College Wind Symphony
MUSP 107 Cardinal Pep Band
MUSP 110 Vocal Ensemble
MUSP 111 Instrumental Ensemble
MUSP 113 North Idaho Jazz Ensemble
NURS 115 Wellness for Care Providers
PE 101 Varsity Strength Training
PE 103 Varsity Strength Training
PE 110B Beginning Whitewater Kayaking
PE 110C Beginning Rock Climbing
PE 110D Beginning Sailing
PE 110E Beginning Yoga
PE 110F Cardiovascular Training
PE 110J Jogging/Power Walking
PE 110L Lake Kayak/Canoe
PE 110M Pilates
PE 110PP Cross Country Skiing
PE 110QQ Zumba
PE 110R Strength Training
PE 110T Tone and Trim
PE 110TT Spinning
PE 110V Cadrio Cross Training
PE 110VV Introduction to CrossFit
PE 110W Mountain Biking
PE 110Y Bowling
PE 110Z Beginning Fly Fishing
PE 111B Beginning Golf
PE 111D Racquetball
PE 111F Beginning Tennis
PE 111H Whitewater Rafting
PE 111O Outdoor Adventures
PE 111P Stand Up Paddle Boarding
PE 201 Varsity Strength Training
PE 203 Varsity Strength Training
PE 222 Wellness Lifestyles
PE 226 Stress Management
PE 288 First Aid
SOC 220 Marriage and Family

Complete at 2 courses from 2 different disciplines.

Human Society and the Individual
Courses in Human Society and the Individual
RequiredOnline Option Available Course Prefix Course Number Course Title
AIST 101 American Indian Studies
ANTH 100 Intro to Anthropology
ANTH 102 Cultural Anthropology
CHD 134 Infancy through Middle Childhood
CJ 103 Intro to Criminal Justice
COMJ 140 Mass Media in a Free Society
COMM 233 Interpersonal Communication
ECON 201 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 202 Principles of Microeconomics
HIST 101 World History I
HIST 102 World History II
HIST 103 History of Civilization 20th Century
HIST 111 United States History I
HIST 112 United States History II
HIST 115 History of the Americas I
HIST 116 History of the Americas II
POLS 101 American National Government
POLS 237 International Politics and Problems
PSYC 101 Introduction to Pyschology
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 102 Social Problems

Program Highlights

NIC offers a broad spectrum of career paths for students to choose from, with more than 80 academic degree, and career and technical education certificate programs. These career pathways at NIC cover various interest areas, including arts, communications and humanities; healthcare; science, technology, engineering and math; business administration and management; manufacturing and trades; and social sciences and human services.

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Institutional Liaison: Sherry Simkins
Contact for Students: DeAnn Johnson

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